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Friday, May 28, 2010

J-T-W-NY has been Abolished by SONY

I logged on Home this morning to play the dj game and the new ModNation racer. I ran errands, and tried to log back into Home, but was told that my account was suspended.
I phoned SONY. I assumed it might have been for text abuse or something along those lines. Instead, I was "abolished," banned permanently. J-T-W-NY can never be used again according to SONY.
I am accused, on May 21st, of "scamming." Of trying to collect people's information for a website that generates PSN cards. The person I spoke to reviewed my activities on that day in the chat log but could not see anything. I told this person that I do not know of any website that generates PSN cards nor would I try to get people's pesonal information. This has come completely out of left field. What is the website?
The person I spoke to told me he's never seen anything like this before and cannot give me any more information and I have to wait until next week to find out why. I do wonder if I mentioned Home Watch on that day. We'll wait and see.
Until then, I"m using my old ID gts1234567890 .


  1. Wow, I cannot believe that. You're the most honest person I know, a person of principle and integrity. I hope you can get that situation resolved soon.

  2. I tried to log onto the Lithium forum as gts, but says I can't access the site because I'm banned. So they gave me an IP ban. For what? What did I do? I'll keep you informed.

  3. Yes, please do. I think someone simply has an axe to grind.

  4. They might be referring to a chain PM that was going around a few weeks ago, where there would be a link to some site offering free PSN Cards if you referred friends. I got TONS of those freaking messages, took one look at the site and knew it was a scam. So I sent replies to anyone who sent me that chain message, told them it was a load of crap, and put a message in my comment asking people not to send anymore.

    That sounds like what they might be referring to. But I certainly never got a message like that from you and I highly doubt you would have sent any. Now, if they're trying to ban people for having received such messages from others, that would hardly be fair. But it sounds to me, it's that PSN card site they're referring to.
    Which is stupid. Cause most people who did send those messages had no clue it was a scam. All the people who sent it to me, once I told them it was a scam, immediately apologized and sent apologies to everyone else they'd sent it to. Simple human error.

    Ugh. Sony's really getting obnoxious with the whole banning business. They'll ban someone like you with no explanation, but leave child predators to roam freely on Home. Faaaantastic.

  5. I got that message twice too, and just deleted it. I never looked at that site nor did I pass the message around. But I've not received it in a while. And I'm not sure what I'm being accused of. Is it using the site? Is it promoting it?? Regardless i've never bothered with it and am not involved with it.

    Luckily I still have my other accounts. Which raises a point. If my crime is so serious, why don't I have a MAC ban?